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Sounds of the City

One rather large project I have managed to pull off during these first few months of being a new mother is the illustration for the Prize for Illustration 2016 competition from Association of Illustrators, Sounds of the City.

I had collected the references for this work back when I was still pregnant, and I’m sure some of those buskers that I was meeting on the London Underground thought I must be a crazy lady, waddling around with a 9 month┬ábelly and a sketchbook, asking if I could sketch them during their performance in order to use it in my artwork.

It took me a while to work out the composition for this piece and I was never completely happy with it, but I had to commit so something in order to finish in time. This work has also given me a big push forward in my technique with watercolours.


Unfortunately it has not been selected for the shortlist, but nevertheless, I am pretty proud with myself for achieving something this size, especially whilst having a little, badly sleeping baby on my hands, which meant sometimes I had to work like this: