Month: December 2016

Sounds of the City

One rather large project I have managed to pull off during these first few months of being a new mother is the illustration for the Prize for Illustration 2016 competition from Association of Illustrators, Sounds of the City.

I had collected the references for this work back when I was still pregnant, and I’m sure some of those buskers that I was meeting on the London Underground thought I must be a crazy lady, waddling around with a 9 month┬ábelly and a sketchbook, asking if I could sketch them during their performance in order to use it in my artwork.

It took me a while to work out the composition for this piece and I was never completely happy with it, but I had to commit so something in order to finish in time. This work has also given me a big push forward in my technique with watercolours.


Unfortunately it has not been selected for the shortlist, but nevertheless, I am pretty proud with myself for achieving something this size, especially whilst having a little, badly sleeping baby on my hands, which meant sometimes I had to work like this:

6 months


Our not so little anymore pumpkin is 6 months tomorrow… Cannot believe it how time flies!

And I’ve only recently managed to catch up only to his 12 week sketch in my baby journal! Still have a few pages before that missing too.

12 weeks

There has been so much change about him recently, just a few days ago he has finally figured out crawling, still not very confident but gets to things that he really wants. He seems to be so much more aware of everything, understands relationships between things, so interactive! Loves to listen to us speaking or reading a book to him, and if we go quiet will try to fill the silence by his own “talking” and babbling.

The last two months have been all about teething, and even though his first two bottom teeth came through over a month and a half ago, the next ones seem to be the upper canines and my God! are they taking their time and causing him so much irritation and pain! Poor baby.

With all that there has not been much time for me to draw anything (none at all to be precise). But I’m hoping to get some in over the holidays.

Looking forward to Matthew’s first Christmas!